The Series

Politics. Gender. Art. Friendship. Death. Love. Drugs. Hacking. Power. Memory. The Meaning of Life. And fifty fucking years.

Some crazy crazy shit I’ve been working on for the past seven years!

  • novels
  • webcomics

for a very long time, and I’m glad to see you’re here. Let me tell you more:

  • This is a story that spans generations and continents.

The characters it follows include:

  • An artist struggling to be famous, who would rather live in a fictional world of perfect beauty than a real one.
  • A lesbian ballerina/model unable to reconcile her role as a (heterosexual) feminine icon with her desire & who she wants to be.
  • A working class woman of colour who is a source of energy and inspiration for her friends, but is really reeling from a history of trauma. She wants to be cool like Sailor Moon and save the world.
  • A lost boy who was abandoned by his parents, who finds his salvation in drugs, sex and nihilism.
  • The child of a corrupt banker trying to hack the capitalist system.
  • A depressed young man who also happens to have the power to sway who wins the Presidential Election.
  • A middle-aged man, determined to marry the social media icon of his youth, even if that man is not the same person he appeared to be online all those years ago…

The Lives of Artists (novel)

It is the year 1994, but Arthur Vincent would have preferred it to be 1894. Arthur is a quiet artist who wants nothing more to paint… and become famous and forever remembered. When he meets his idol, Nova, and her ‘friend’ Selena, they change the course of his life forever. Nova- a model and ballerina- appears to be the epitome of beauty and physical perfection, yet behind that facade, lurks unhappiness and loneliness. Arthur and Nova are drawn to Selena’s happy energy, but little do they know about the trauma and hardship that she has endured, and continues to endure.

  • Finish writing by September 2018
  • Submit to agent around October-December 2018
  • Hopefully published by 2019

No Future (novel)

Farrell is a troublesome and troubled teenager. Having last seen his parents when he was ten, he oscillates between different homes. He’s a disappointment. He knows. He spends his most of his time barely able to get out of bed or watching porn on his computer. He doesn’t know how much longer he can go on. But suddenly, with encouragement by a friend, he decides to change himself, change his looks, change his life. What follows is endless nights of partying and drugs. A story of the pursuit of happiness that is in reality, the most miserable state of unhappiness. As long as everyone else believes he’s happy, on top of it all, he’s fine. But he can never get what he really wants, because he is unable to confront the past and himself, discover what he truly wants and move on.

  • Begin planning and writing: autumn/winter 2018
  • Finish writing: summer/autumn 2019
  • Aim to publish by: 2020

Two Strangers At the Train Station (webcomic)

$***** is overjoyed to be moving on from an unhealthy relationship and a life of conformity, and to begin living as themself and taking up all the opportunities life has to offer. %****** is on the barely holding onto life, working a zero-hours job and unable to see why he should continue living. Each experiences a series of events which alter the course of their lives, and years later they meet by chance at a train station. $***** is now living secretly as an anti-capitalist hacker, and %****** is a successful influencer and PR consultant. What follows is a tale of friendship and political scheming, where the personal is juxtaposed to the political.

Target Timeline
  • Begin planning: 2019
  • Create enough content to release the webcomic: summer 2020
  • (fingers crossed) weekly updates and publication: 2020- 20??

More to come, feel free to ask me any questions or for more information if you’re interested!