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Review: Clean by Juno Dawson

CN: addiction, anorexia mention Lexi Volkov is a socialite. Young. Fashionable. Rich. She has everything. Lexi Volkov is kidnapped. Dragged into a rehabilitation facility. Throwing up.  We first meet Lexi as a stubborn and immature teenager, trying to fight her way out of her stay at the rehabilitation facility, denying her drug addiction. But it's… Continue reading Review: Clean by Juno Dawson

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Review: The Art of Being Normal, Lisa Williamson I have to admit, the book doesn't exactly draw you in at first. But as I got past the first few chapters I really began to enjoy the book. The book if full of happy and sad moments, and it deals with themes of: gender identity, coming out, bullying, poverty, family and friendship. I… Continue reading Review: The Art of Being Normal, Lisa Williamson