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Review: Radio Silence

Hello. I hope somebody is listening. :: Frances has always lived as "School Frances"- the perfect headgirl, the robotic high achiever devoid of personality. But when she meets Aled, the ingenius creator behind her favourite podcast, she feels free to be herself for the first time. But when the fragile trust between them is broken,… Continue reading Review: Radio Silence

On The State of Postmodern Existence · personal

The State of Waiting

While sprawling on my bed, it struck me how a phrase from Thouny's "Waiting for a Messiah" could used to be describe my own life with a painfully startling accuracy. Thouny describes the setting of the seminal 90s anime Neon Genesis Evangelion as being neither in a state of war, nor in a state of peace and rebuilding,… Continue reading The State of Waiting