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Review: Kaze to Ki no Uta

Kaze to Ki No Uta or The Poem of the Wind and Trees is a ground-breaking boys' love manga that was first released in the 1970s by Keiko Takemiya. It follows Serge Battour, a strong and caring boy and young viscount, who enters Laconblade Academy to follow in the footsteps of his father. There he meets… Continue reading Review: Kaze to Ki no Uta

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Review: Anohana

Note: possible spoilers are in white Anohana is a tale of grief and recovery, love and jealousy, and of course, friendship. The main characters are make a close-knit group of friends as children, with Jintan as the leader of their group called the "Super Peace Busters", and Menma who is loved or envied by all.… Continue reading Review: Anohana

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Review: Oniisama e (Brother, Dear Brother)

Oniisama e is about its characters: the sweet and naive schoolgirl, the prideful and manipulative Sorority head, the suicidal, heartbroken drug addict, the basketball star with a secret struggle, and it goes on. Character development is an extremely important ingredient in this anime, and each character in this series is well explored and developed, even… Continue reading Review: Oniisama e (Brother, Dear Brother)

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Sailor Moon Crystal 3: Death Busters Review

Sailor Moon Crystal 3: Death Busters is a re-animation of the original Sailor Moon: Infinity manga, around two decades after the first Sailor Moon anime aired. It's needless to say that the quality of the animation is nothing to worry about, unlike the previous 2 seasons. It is arguably more creative, cleaner and more consistent than… Continue reading Sailor Moon Crystal 3: Death Busters Review