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Why haven’t I been posting and where have I been?

I had grand plans to post every week this holiday and even write enough to schedule some for later. As it turns out, I barely wrote anything. Mental health recovery, getting a job, going on holiday, learning a new language, filling out forms and getting vaccinations and packing for university, reading for university, meeting new friends, going out, being exhausted… and finally… WRITING! There’s an extremely brief summary of why I haven’t been posting this summer.

This probably could have been written more eloquently, but I’m going to bed soon.

Anyway, having stopped writing, and re-edited the whole text TWICE now, I can happily inform you that I’m nearing 30,000 words! So that’s almost 120 pages of a novel! My ambitious goal was to write 200,000 words this summer, i.e.: two books, my realistic plan was to write 100,000 words for one book. I’m not close to those targets, but hey, I’ve probably written more than I ever have (edit: actually not, because I wrote almost 50,000 words for an unfinished novel when I was 12… it was pretty fucked up… but also just a bad novel)! And, I know I’m going to edit it again at some point, but I don’t fear that, in fact, I look forward to it. Look forward to having my novel completed and polished up to a standard that I would not be embarrassed to share it. I’m close to finish the first part, and I have been “close to finishing the first part” for the last 2 months (laughter), but I’m glad I went back and edited or planned when it became hard to plough on.

What can I say? I learnt from last year, and had wrote a plan. The vaguest plan ever probably. Using the snowflake method which I began using last year (you can look it up, it’s helpful). Having a vague plan meant lots of improvisation, not writing, stopping to think and plan. I’ll plan longer next time. And as for the writing? It’s so much harder than I imagined! My vocabulary is not as wide-ranging as I have liked as I haven’t read much fiction-for-fun for the last year. And my writing only improves when I consciously want to absorb the vocabulary or style of a text I am reading.

I would love to share with everyone what my novel is about, but I don’t have that many followers. Hmm, there’s an artist, a ballerina and a socialist musician. What do you guys want to know about my novel/series? Feel free to ask!

I’m actually planning on making a webcomic and a hypercomic later in the series, so I’m supposed to be improving my art but I’m inconsistent when it comes to practising art since it’s not my priority right now (writing is!).

Anyway, hope you are having a good time, if not, I hope things get better from you.

Hope to be writing more often,



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