Lola Olufemi | The problem with “accessible” feminism

An important article.


The word “accessible” is thrown around a lot. When people use it to refer to activism in Cambridge (The Women’s Campaign, the BME Campaign) one of the main criticisms they level against those involved is centred on this idea. The campaigns have a reputation for being “unfriendly” “not widely supported” or even, “getting things wrong.” More people do not engage with them because their fear of making a mistake on a Facebook discussion page outweighs their investment in the issues they claim to support.

It is perhaps an unspoken truth that many (white, middle class, cis) people have silently felt locked out of these activist spaces because they resent not being able to exist in them uncritically.  By this I mean, a lot of these people’s engagements with feminism stop when things become “difficult.” When they are asked to move past the realm of overt displays of gendered discrimination, of…

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