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Storybird Poem #1- Survival Fades

poetry 1.jpeg

Today I started experimenting with Storybird after reading about it on another writer’s blog.

I really like it, both in concept and in use. It’s a great way to procrastinate (spent an hour on it today…) but also to be inspired and to get creative. I especially loved the fact that it  allowed me to write poetry, which may sound strange, but hear me out, I am insensitive to poems and I am rarely able to appreciate them at heart. Using Storybird gave me a feel of how to write poetry, as well as making poetry enjoyable for me to read.

I like the format because you select a picture and they give you a random set of words, from which you construct a poem. This is great because it gives you words and ideas to play with but also restricts you, which is challenging. However, sometimes the word options can be objectionable (“LOL” or just the fact “am” is not there). Other times I find it hard to find the right picture, since you never know what kind of words you’ll get.

All-in-all, Storybird is a fantastic website and you should give it a go if you enjoy writing poetry or need inspiration. It also has options for picture books, but I haven’t tried those yet.

I’m very happy today, I’ve written several poems for my main literary project. I’m excited to upload them, although some of them may reveal a lot about the plot, so I’m not so sure about putting them online. Maybe I’ll use them for publicity when I actually get closer to publishing my books (haha, treachery).


3 thoughts on “Storybird Poem #1- Survival Fades

  1. Ooooh, I’m glad you liked Storybird 🙂 I agree, the selection of words they give you to work with isn’t as good as other magnet poetry-style websites I’ve tried. Some of them seemed to be designed to be more cute and jokey than actually poetic, which is fine once you get used to it, I think, but def jarring at first. The more I played around with the format, the better I got at utilizing the space, and letting the words and the illustration tell a story together

    You’re including poetry in your nano novel?! Bah I want to read this. Treachery indeed 😀

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    1. I haven’t mastered the format yet, but hopefully one day I’ll get the hang of it. So what are the other magnet poetry-style websites you would recommend, or would you say this is the best?
      As for including poetry in my novel, I’m not sure yet, but that could definitely be an option. I like the idea of combining different media. Although right now I’m mainly using Storybird poetry for inspiration.

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      1. Mmmm, off the top of my head I can’t remember, honestly. I don’t use them very often — even though the others I’ve stumbled across gave a greater word selection, Storybird’s the only one I’ve really enjoyed using that much.

        Well, possibly including poetry/different media sounds like a cool idea, especially since you’re novel’s gonna be /about/ art. I like novels that have ‘stories within stories’, or include poems, letters, diary entries, etc written by the characters 🙂

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